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  • Thanks for stopping by and in your interest in Detail Designed Landscape. Here below you will find all of our services offered.

  • Irrigation

    Irrigation is also known as artificial watering, which can include the installation of pipes, hoses, and other watering systems. The process of irrigation ensures that your landscape is perfectly hydrated year round. Watering system installation is a necessary measure when a portion of land doesn’t receive sufficient levels of natural water from rainfall. Perhaps the land is exceptionally large, or is consistently vulnerable to dry seasons. In any case, installing an irrigation system will allow you to have peace of mind, knowing that your vegetation’s thirst is being quenched!

    Here in the Greater Los Angeles area, we consider our environment and climate, and understand what threat dry seasons impose on anything from crops to perfect landscaping, and we are here to help. We can assist in maintenance of plants and lawns during the drought, in a way that is not wasteful and offers maximum hydration. Give us a call today for more information at: 818-745-0966. 

  • Fertilizing & Weed Control

    Are pesky weeds getting in the way of your otherwise exceptional landscape? Or, maybe your lawn needs that extra nutrition to encourage its growth into a lush, green landscape. We offer fertilization and weed control services to assist in the growth of desired vegetation, and hinder that which doesn’t appeal to your visual senses. Nobody likes putting hard work into an ideal terrace, only to see the same intruder resurfacing, time and time again. 

    Here at Detail Designed Landscape, Inc., we have over 50 years experience in maintenance and care of vegetation, and can permanently remove unwanted vegetation, or give you the lawn of your dreams with our masterful fertilization. Give us a call today to book an appointment and discuss your vegetation needs: 818-745-0966    

  • Tree Services

    Trees are the breath of life, and need to be nurtured and cared for in order to ensure their good health and longevity. We offer many tree services, which help maintain overall arboreal health, in addition to the health of your terrace. Some of these services include: Tree lacing and trimming, transplanting, planting, tree removal, stump grinding, and crown reduction. We also provide preventative care of rare specimens.

    We strive to provide the highest quality of tree care, skill and professionalism to your doorstep! Let us care for your landscape today: 818-745-0966    

  • SOD & Seeding

    To SOD or Seed? That is the question! Really, it’s a matter of what you want, and how fast you want to get it. SOD installation offers the reward of having an instant, mature and lush turf. Seeding is a great alternative, and offers the same mature and lush turf with just a little bit of time. We offer both services and have a wide variety of seeds and turf selections to choose from. Soil preparation is a large part of both of these services, which we put a lot of heart and soul in to ensure that you have the healthiest possible lawn.

    Interested in revamping your greens? Give us a call today at 818-745-0966 

  • New Planters

    Don’t let the drought give you the landscape blues! We provide new planters to meet the new watering standards set forth by the metropolitan water district. Whatever your aesthetic style, we will work with you to create the perfect outdoor space that is both environmentally-friendly, as well as beautiful.

    Our sustainable planters are the perfect compliment to a terrace, entryway, or garden- you name it! We specialize in both private and commercial design, so let’s get together and discuss your ideas. Call us today at 818-745-0966    

  • Hardscaping & Rocks

    Hardscaping and Rock-laying can be a compliment to your foliage, or it can be the star of the show. Adding the texture of rock, or creating hardscapes, such as sidewalks or patios, can be just what your outdoor space needs! Rock laying or hardscaping is also a great alternative to turf terraces, which are environmentally friendly, and can greatly reduce irrigation costs for you.

    Let us do the heavy lifting to create an aesthetic appeal to your landscape with a wide variety of rocks and designs to choose from. We can do anything, from creating pathways through a garden, to building the Zen-patio of your dreams, let us be your guide! Give us a call today at 818-745-0966    

  • Cleanup & Hauling

    Tired after doing some heavy lifting, or giving your terrace a face-lift? Let us finish the rest! We provide on-site cleanup and hauling, to rid your landscape of debris. Our crew is professional, and has the skill and equipment to efficiently get your terrace back to beauty!

    No project is too big, or too small. We provide a wide array of cleanup services, such as mulch removal, branch removal, yard maintenance, weed control, and much more. Give us a call to get started today! 818-745-0966    

  • Transplanting

    You love your current foliage, but maybe you planted that shrub in an awkward place a few years back? Sometimes we plant specimens in places without first considering what it will look like once it’s fully mature. Rest assured, we will do our best to relocate your greenery to a more appropriate place. In addition, sometimes your landscape just needs a makeover, and transplanting is a great way to reduce costs.

    After the transplant is completed, aftercare is emphasized. It’s important to water the transplant regularly for the roots to establish themselves. Mulching and staking are optional, but highly recommended.  Call us today to discuss your vision! 818-745-0966    

  • Drainage

    Installing a proper drainage system is crucial to ensuring the longevity and beauty of your terrace. Without a high-quality, well-designed system in place, water can collect in certain areas and potentially cause problems to the surrounding area, or drown expensive plants. We offer the skill and expertise to determine exact topography of your landscape, in order to prevent future damage.

    Let us prepare the essential foundation for your turf, or garden today! Call us at 818-745-0966 to discuss your needs. 

  • Landscape Lighting

    What good is a beautiful garden or landscape, if you can’t show it off? We specialize in landscape kits, pathway and driveway lights, bollards, deck lighting, LED or solar lighting, and much more. We use high performance lighting, to ensure that your home or terrace will be aglow with quality, die-hard bulbs and gear. Enhance your space today!

    Give us a call to discuss your options, and most importantly, your vision! 818-745-0966    

  • Grading

    Landscape architectural construction such as grading, is an integral part of establishing a proper foundation for your landscape. Proper grading is essential to ensure suitable drainage and irrigation of plants, and also prevents puddles and flooding. Landscape grading adds a soft slope to your terrace that contours your property perfectly, a prerequisite to proper irrigation and water-flow.

    We work on both commercial and private levels, and would be thrilled to establish the foremost important aspect of any property: Quality grading. Call us today at 818-745-0966    

  • Trenching

    Trenching is no easy task! Without heavy machinery, creating crisp, clean lines (along with all the digging) is more than daunting. Trenching prevents turf and surrounding plants from creeping into mulched beds, and keeps your terrace looking groomed and neat. The best part is that a proper trench requires little maintenance and up-keep. Creating boundaries within your landscape is the key to keeping your costs low overtime, in addition to keeping your terrace fresh and tidy.

    Give us a call today for more information: 818-745-0966    

  • Concrete & Asphalt Removal

    Heavy lifting doesn’t begin to describe the elbow grease required for concrete and asphalt removal! Leave the hard work and lifting to the professionals and relax. Maybe you’re repaving your pathways, or driveway, and this is the first big step to get you started. Rest assured, we have the skills, equipment and professionalism to complete removal tasks in an efficient and tidy manner.

    Call us to get started today at 818-745-0966    

  • Bobcat Services

    Big tasks often require heavy-duty machinery: We provide both Bobcat and tractor services including skidsteer loaders, backhoes, excavators, dump trucks, roll off bins, as well as lowside end dump services. All of the above are offered on an hourly or contract basis, with a minimum charge of $400.

    Call today for a quote at 818-745-0966